Altered Fest T-Shirt Model & Factory Burned Down

Altered Fest T-Shirt

supermodel shirt

The Altered Fest T-Shirt is finally here! We’re proud to have it modeled by Eastern Hungarian Supermodel Látoya Kila Münis. The shirt design is by Colby Taylor and will only be available at the Fort Lauderdale Altered Fest @ Beach Place (Da Big Kahuna) on sunday May 19th.

The shirt is made from %100 percent Golden Egyptian cotton and features the white second generation Altered Fest logo, date, and contributing visual and audio artists of the event.

Forced Into Limited Edition

As the factory was in full production printing this very batch of shirts, Monday, May 6th, an experimental new technology failed, setting off an electrical fire the burned the entire building in the outskirts of Miami down to ashes. We are happy to report no one was injured, they saved about 50 of the shirts, and the insurance has reported they will be covering the damage in full. Many thanks to John Miller, Sarah Benise, and Dwayne Mestillo from Shirt Liss T’s for saving our merch. Very happy they are safe!

Altered Shirt

The shirt will be available for $10.00 on May 19th, 2013 @ Altered Fest at Fort Lauderdale Beach. Call 954-793-2205 for details.

DJ Scott Christian @ Altered

DJ Scott Christian Logo

Step one: Click play you beautiful listener, you.

DJ Scott Christian announced to play Altered

DJ Scott Christian announced to play Altered Fest

DJ Scott Christian announced to play Altered Fest

A smooth, somber Lana Del Rey’s Summertime Sadness starts off the twisted journey of all Summer and no sadness with DJ Scott Christian’s tempo smashing set that crawls across a myriad of genres with powerful, infectious energy passing the sonic torch from one song to the next with the school only a well seasoned DJ can serve. DJ Scott Christian hails from Miami this May 19th to play Altered Fest among a number of other great DJs, performers, and artists.

Originally from Boston, DJ Scott Christian is one of the hardest working DJs on the eastcoast, having toured ruthlessly all the way down throughout Miami, pumping up crowds with an eclectic mix of house, electronica, and dance music.

Altered Fest

Altered Fest is an all day music assault on Fort Lauderdale Beach’s Big Kahuna, Sunday, May 19th, 2013. It features music, animation, and art from South Florida. Altered Fest is brought to you by Sonic Phantasm Music, Soul Chasers Media Madness, Oski & Party Isle, and Ishaemedia. For ticket and vendor information, call Colby Taylor at 954-793-2205.

My Electric Heart Playing Live @ Altered Fest

My Electric Heart

My Electric Heart Live

My Electric Heart Live

Altered Fest is proud to announce My Electric Heart, electronic infused poppy goodness that will have your faith in the Florida music scene restored. My Electric Heart is the manifestation of Rick Odria, and has been virally expanding with infectious grooves that move the rooms before stars like Owl City, Ne-yo, and Jason Derulo are even given the chance!


Watch out for My Electric Heart’s album Motion EP due out May 7th, 2013. Here: you can actually purchase a bundle of this upcoming album packaged with a My Electric Heart T-shirt.

My Electric Heart will be playing alongside other up and coming acts such as The F****** Sam, DJ Scott Christian, MR. Cribb, with original animation, art, visuals, and many more!

Official MY Electric Heart website:

Altered Fest

Sonic Phantasm Entertainment, Soul Chasers Media Madness, Oski & Party Isle, and Ishaem Media are proud to present Altered Fest, A full day of live music, animation, art, and more at Fort Lauderdale Beach, May 19th, 2013. For ticket information, call 954-793-2205.

For sponsorship information, please call 954-934-2504.

Official Altered Fest Facebook page:

Altered Fest : My Electric Heart, The F****** Sam, DJ Scott Christian

Altered Fest - Fort Lauderdale Live Music

My Electric Heart, The F****** Sam, DJ Scott Christian, Mister Cribb added to Sunday, May 19th, 2013 Fort Lauderdale Show

Three more acts have been officially added to Altered Fest, Sunday, May 19th @ Beach Place (Da Big Kahuna). We’re very happy to present My Electric Heart, Mister Cribb, The F****** Sam, and DJ Scott Christian. Altered fest is an all day music, art, film, and animation festival in South Florida brought to you by Soul Chasers Media Madness, Sonic Phantasm Entertainment, DJ Oski & Party Isle, and Isaemedia. For ticket information, call 954-793-2205. Altered Fest is Family friendly until 10pm, party friendly til you leave:)

Mister Cribb Live @ Altered Fest Music & Animation Festival

mistercribbJust announced to appear at Altered Fest is: Mister Cribb! With the only kind of dedication that matters in music, Mister Cribb (Devin Cribb) delivers an audio assault from his collection that makes the whole audience move. Just try not to. You can’t. It’s out of your control and now in the skilled hands of Mister Cribb. From house to dubstep and beyond, Devin Cribb rocks the entire night. An exceptional DJ we are proud to add to Fort Lauderdale’s First Annual Audio/ Video festival on Beach Place. May 19th, don’t miss it! For ticket information, please call 954-793-2205.

Official Altered Fest Facebook Page:

Official Mister Cribb:

For your listening convenience, here’s the ever so nasty “Ultra-Herpes” mix by Mister Cribb:

Boston Marathon Victims Benefit Event & Suspects Exposed

Two suspect pictures released for the Boston Marathon bombing. Sourced primarily from the Huffington Post:

We are still absolutely disgusted by what has happened, and we are still in the process of assembling a benefit for the victims and families of the victims caught in this tragedy. If you are interested or know someone who would be interested in sponsoring the South Florida based event, please contact us at with what you can contribute. We are still unable to accept money towards this, but will let everyone know as soon as we confirm a legitimate source.

Official facebook page:

Thank you for all of your support! Special thanks to Oski Gonzalez with Party Isle and Steev Rullman of 100% Pure Honey / The Honey Comb for their additional support in the benefit.

You Ruined It By Young Family to be Remixed & Mastered

Young Family - You Ruined It Artwork

Young Family – You Ruined It

Out of Chicago, Young Family consists of Sam Pink & Kelly Schirmann. Sam Pink is god damn hilarious and writes like a motherfucker, and has been producing high-class, dance music with a touch of grit from forty-seven years in the future. Kelly Schirmann- no fucking clue what she does. writes through the neo-cortex with light amplified stimulated emissions of radiation fragmented precision rediffused through embryonic clouds, and manifests organic visual art abstracts and otherwise (Thank you, Matthew Sherling Article & hep-c sick Young Family Interview). Except sing, memorably and beautifully over music written and produced by Mr. Pink.  Colby Taylor of Sonic Phantasm will be remixing and remastering their first album: “You Ruined It”. Check it out here (original version):

Indie, electronica, trippedthehellout, original music.

When you aren’t listening to that, go check out Sam Pink’s site and buy some original as fuck artwork and a limited edition hand made book- literally every page is hand made and awesome.

Then, join the revolution in saying no to Soylent Green with Kelly Schirmann’s Bamofuckas website here:

You’re welcome.

Dirty District Live @ Altered Fest Fort Lauderdale

Dirty District will play Altered FestCatchy party anthems rocked over a nasty, original mix of house, dubstep, trance, and electronica that will keep you bouncing all nice long. That is Dirty District, hailing from Miami to play May 19th at Fort Lauderdale Beach for Altered Fest alongside over 12 hours of live music, art, video, and entertainment.

This is “Tell The DJ” by Dirty District featuring Architracks. Enjoy:)

Official Site:

For more information and to stay updated on the first annual Altered Fest happening May 19th, 2013 at Fort Lauderdale Beach Place, please visit our official Facebook page here.


Less than 24 hours ago an atrocious terrorist attack was launched during a Boston Marathon. We’ve tentatively set up a show for Saturday, May 11th, as a benefit show to assist those who will be in need. We are looking for people interested in volunteering, acts to perform, and any leads as to a legitimate organization in Boston to help the victims. If you can do anything at all, we would appreciate it very much.

The event page on Facebook is below:

A huge thank you to Oski & Party Isle for tremendous efforts from day one.

Contact us at 954-793-2205 or . Thank you!